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Made of high-quality materials and advanced technology to provide a safe and effective way to heat wax for hair removal. It features a strong and sturdy structure. It heats quickly and maintains a constant temperature to ensure that the wax is always in perfect consistency for use. The heater has a ..
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  Foot cleaning and massage deviceRE20001Product Description:Get rid of stress and tension and give your feet the care they deserve with a foot cleaning and massage device.Specially designed to provide comfort and care for your feet with vibration and bubble featureIt helps clean and massage th..
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Thermal foot cleaning and massage deviceRE20003Product Description:The device combines massage and cleaning functions to provide you with an amazing experience for the comfort of your feet.The device is designed with a working mechanism based on a system similar to the reflexology method. Targe..
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  Thermal foot cleaning and massage deviceRE20002Product row:Get ready for a unique home pedicure experienceWith a Rebune foot cleaning and massage device with an advanced infrared care featureMulti-function: heat, heating, vibration massage, bubbles, in addition to multiple massage and cleanin..
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 Home sauna deviceRE-10001  Product Description:Now bid farewell to the high costs of sauna rooms with the home sauna device from Rebune. Multi-use and designed in a circular shape that is ideal for distributing steam evenly. It works completely effectively and efficiently w..
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Efficient epilation system pulls out the hairs from the root2 speed settings to grab thinner and thicker hairsProfiled, ergonomic grip for comfortable handlingWashable epilation head for extra hygiene and easy cleaningEasy and effortless usage..
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Efficient epilation system leaves your skin smooth and stubble free for weeks 2 speed settings to remove thinner and thicker hairs for a more personalized hair removal treatment. The rounded shape fits perfectly in your hand for comfortable hair removal. It looks great too..
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Product Description:Philips Satinelle Essential Corded compact epilator BRE255/00Epilation made easyEnjoy smooth legs for weeks with Philips Satinelle. Gently removes hairs, as short as 0.5mm, from the root. Epilation made easy with ergonomic handle and washable head for optimal hygieneProduct Featu..
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Okema Wax007 :Warm all types of waxes.It is considered one of the best innovative and healthy ways to remove hair from the body.include extra aluminum container.The perfect choice..
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Gentle epilation for smooth skin up to 4 weeksPhilips Epilator Series 8000 boasts powerful yet gentle epilation with its improved tweezers and over 70,000 hair-catching actions per minute. This means you can cover more skin and achieve flawless smoothness for up to 4 weeks. Treat your lower legs in ..
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 Home sauna machine with head cover and chairRE-10002Product Description:Now bid farewell to the high costs of sauna rooms with the multi-use home sauna device from Rebune.It comes with a unique design with a hood to protect the hairIt works completely effectively and efficiently with Moroccan ..
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Cordless wet and dry for use in bath or shower.Unique light ensures you don't miss fine hairs.Body exfoliation brush removes dead skin cells.Pedicure foot file with rotating disc for satin smooth feet.Pouch included for storing everything in one place...
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Okema Portable Steam Sauna :Sauna Household PortableIt can be used to clean the skin You can add a little water on the body fresheners for perfumed bodyEasy InstallationWith 2 Years of Guarantee.About The Product:220 - 240VColor: Red..
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Unclogs pores1.5L Sauna Tent with Steam Steam and Herb Applicator GrilleActivate circulation Helps reduce muscle painImprove joint movement Arthritis pain reliefImproves cardiovascular healthHelps improve skin healthAsthma reliefHigh quality tent helps prevent steam leaks..
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Okema Depilatory Heater For Wax007:Used for hair removal nursing, beauty care, and maintenance.Perfect for both professional use or personal use.The wax is steady in any season Automatic heating, small and flexible, easy to carry. Detachable PTB power line, easy to separate it.Suit for differen..
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Okema Foot Spa Multifunction :Experience a deep sense of relaxation.The Massage has a Prominent head which accords with the Foot Structure.Cooperate with high frequency to shake, and stimulate the foot point effectively.promote the energies to circulate, improve metabolism, and improve the resistanc..
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