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DescriptionFor All Hair TypesTames Uncontrollable Frizz and FlyawaysDefines Styles and Adds ShineDefends Each Strand From Heat StylingSalon-Quality Family Owned and Operated, Since 1979Eco Chic Hair Care 100% Vegetarian Ingredients No Animal Testing Cruelty FreeLeaping Bunny Cert..
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Giovanni 2Chic Ultra Luxurious Conditioner Blossom & Rose Petals:Pamper your hair with Giovanni's great hair conditioner to give you vital and healthy hair.With blossom and rose petals extract that help smooth every strand of your hair.Smooths your tresses and gives you a silky texture with..
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 Giovanni 2chic Ultra Sleek Shampoo For All Hair Types Brazilian Keratin + Moroccan Argan Oil :Shampoo with Brazilian Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil for dry and damaged hair from heat and dyes to restore the elasticity and vitality of your hair.Ideal for flyaway hair and all hair types, even co..
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Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone Leave-In Conditioning & Styling Elixir To Smooth Out of Control Hair Shea Butter + Sweet Almond Oil:A conditioner that helps reduce frizz and frizz while controlling frizzy, frizzy hair.It improves the smoothness of the hair, smoothes the strands and defines the hair..
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Giovanni 2chic Ultra Moist Leave-in Conditioning & and styling Elixir For Dry Damaged Hair Avocado + Olive Oil:This conditioner Contains essential fatty acids which help restore the hair's natural moisture.Detangles hair softens and smooths away frizz.Helps prevent split ends & breakage.Mois..
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Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner:The perfect conditioner to care for hair and make it easier to style.Protects, repairs, restores, and moisturizes damaged, frizzy hair and split ends.Ideal for all hair types, even color-treated hair, and maintains the hair's pH balance.Leaves your hair shin..
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Giovanni 2chic Ultra Moist Anti-frizz & Binding Serum Oil Hair For Dry Damaged Hair:This delectable botanical blend of Avocado and golden Olive oil Helps to rebond damaged hair.Helps Rebond Hair and Prevent Split Ends and Breakage.Helps protect hair from heat and humidity.Prevents future breakag..
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Giovanni Root 66 Max Volume Directional Hair Root Lifting Spray:Get a beautiful hairstyle with Giovanni's hair root lifting spray.Works to lift and tighten hair roots as you like and increases its volume and shine.Contains botanical extract which keeps hair healthy and colorful and does not damage i..
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Giovanni Straight Fast Straightening Elixir:Superior smoothing, soothing, straightening formula enhanced with natural botanicals that protect hair while creating a silky shine.This lightweight crystal clear hair straightening gel adds silky shine while repelling humidity.Smooths and soothes hair for..
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Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask:Its home treatment mask provides intense hydration to repair damaged hair.With patented Olaplex technology, Mask No. 8 smoothes your hair and provides intense hydration to treat damaged hair.Apply an appropriate amount according to the length of the hair once..
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Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone Taming Cream To Smooth Out Of Control Hair Shea Butter + Sweet Almond Oil:It has a light formula that fixes the hair.Contains a double complex of Shea Butter + Sweet Almond Oil.Protects your hair from the heat used during styling.Gives your hair the definition of waves a..
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Giovanni 2Chic Frizz Be Gone Anti-Frizz Polishing Serum To Smooth Out Of Control Hair:Giovanni's hair serum gives you soft and shiny hair for having shea butter and sweet almond oil.Controls frizz and flyaways hair.It identifies the ripples and curls of hair and smooths the hair strands.Protects hai..
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Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment:Hair treatment smoothes your hair, makes it thicker, and makes it easier to manage.It revitalizes the hair from the roots to the ends and leaves the scalp homogeneous.Enjoy healthy hair It promotes healthy hair growth by preventing hair loss.Product in..
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Acure Ultra Hydrating Shampoo Argan & Pumpkin:Acure Argan & Pumpkin Shampoo provides long-lasting hydration and leaves your hair soft and healthy.Organic pumpkin and argan oil provide super omega fatty acids that are 100% organic and vegan.It gives you shiny hair and makes it easy to style.I..
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Giovanni 2Chic Repairing Super potion Hair Oil Serum:Giovanni's hair serum strengthens damaged and over-processed hair.Contains unique formulations rich with blackberries and coconut to moisturize your hair.Tames frizz and flyaways hair.Defines style and adds shine to each tress.Helps prevent split ..
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Giovanni 2chic Repairing Conditioner Blackberry + Coconut Milk:Hair conditioner 2 chic to restore the smoothness and moisture of your hair for a stylish look by Giovanni.Raspberry extract, nu,t milk, and antioxidants to help repair damaged hair.Smoothes your hair tresses and moisturizes them to give..
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Giovanni 2chic Ultra Sleek Conditioner For All Hair Types Brazilian Keratin + Moroccan Argan Oil:Conditioner with Brazilian Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil for dry and damaged hair from heat and dyes to restore the elasticity and vitality of your hair.Ideal for flyaway hair and all hai..
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Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor:Help repair and rejuvenate your tired, damaged hair with this moisturizing cream from Giovanni.Its formula contains Eco-Chek technology to deeply moisturize and nourish hair.And protect it from external damage that causes damage.It also helps add density and natu..
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Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone Conditioner To Smooth Out Of Control Hair Shea Butter + Sweet Almond Oil:Smoothing and styling conditioner for unmanageable hair with Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil.Ideal for unmanageable hair and color-treated hair, to give your hair silky smoothness, luster, and shin..
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Giovanni 2chic Ultra Moist Conditioner For Dry Damaged Avocado + Olive Oil:Avocado & Olive Oil Moisturizing Conditioner for extremely dry, heat-damaged, and color-treated hair to restore your hair's elasticity and vitality.Suitable for dry and damaged hair for optimal hydration to give..
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