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Loro Shaving For Facial & Body Hair Kit :Mousse for shaving the face and fine hair comes in a set in 3 wonderful colors from Loro.It removes fine hairs from the eyebrow, neck, and face and is equipped with high-tech side-slide prevention to protect your delicate skin.The blade is resin-coated an..
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Skinlarity Gemstone Facial Roller :Gemstone Facial Roller is a traditional Chinese tool that has been used for skin care.Recently it designed in a modern way to be useful for daily use because of its benefits in cooling and soothing the skin, and improving mind meditation.It helps improve circulatio..
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Dorco Shai Bikini Disposable Women's Razor:Ensures comfort and balance during the shaving process.It is very safe on the skin.Features an elegant, durable design for longevity.The skin will be smooth year-round...
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Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash 50 years and over 200 ml:Ideal for women with sensitive areas as it is a soap-free lotion for gentle external cleansing with a pH value of 3.8 to balance microflora.A lotion specially formulated and clinically tested to meet the feminine hygiene needs of the very sensi..
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A natural soothing soap that gently disinfects & cleanses the skin of irritating bacteria, eliminating odor & discomfort thanks to pH-regulating properties. Lightens darkened skin & moisturizes intimates. PROPOLIS (Cera Propolis) is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tr..
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Okema Depilatory Heater For Wax007:Used for hair removal nursing, beauty care, and maintenance.Perfect for both professional use or personal use.The wax is steady in any season Automatic heating, small and flexible, easy to carry. Detachable PTB power line, easy to separate it.Suit for differen..
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Product Description:Sebamed lotion is ideal for women who suffer from allergiesSoap-free lotion for gentle external cleansingWith a degree of 3.8 with a special acidity that balances the microflora on the skinThe cleanser is specially designed and clinically tested to meet the hygiene needs of women..
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